Master By Research

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Are you ready and motivated to become one of the next top scientists in your field? Then the Mid Sweden University Master by Research Programme is the perfect choice for you! This individualized programme lets you develop your skills and knowledge for a future career in academic research or in industrial or public R&D.

Your indivi­dual project starts day one and will lead to a Master thesis after two years. You will carry out research in a research group together with the PhD students, and be individually supervised. Research at Mid Sweden University is partly organized in research centres and partly in subject research and research groups, and some of them are world leading in their field!

We offer Master By Research in:

Archives and Information Science
Contact: Erik Borglund,

Contact: Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson,

Orientation: Eco-Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
Contact: Erik Hedenström,
Chemical Engineering
Orientation: Bio Energy, Complex Material, High Yield Pulping Technology and Surface and Colloid Engineering
Contact: Ida Svanedal,

Computer Engineering
Contact:  Mikael Gidlund,

Contact: Jan Thim,

Environmental Science and Technology
Contact: Erik Grönlund,

Engineerings Physics
Contact:  Jonas Örtegren,

Contact: Lena-Maria Öberg,

Mechanical Engineering - Sports Technology
Ccontact: Mikael Bäckström,

Media and Communication Science
Contact: Kajsa Falasca,

Human Sciences
Sport Science, Social Work, Tourism Studies

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