What things should I consider when applying for courses?

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Apply for courses offered at one campus only!

Please note that the campuses are located 200 km apart. Therefore, students should select courses at one campus only.

Apply for courses that start at different times during the semester!

When applying for courses, it is important to choose courses that start at different times during the semester so that the student do not end up with four courses that run at the same time.

Courses are usually taken one after the other (consecutive scheduling) or, if the courses are part time, two courses may be taken during the same time period. The courses are scheduled by week numbers. The autumn semester 2016 begins with week 35 (first week of September) and ends week 2 (second week of January). The spring 2017 semester begins with week 3 and ends week 22 (first week of June).

Choose courses wisley

When applying for courses please keep in mind that it may not be possible to change the courses after the confirmation of enrolment has been sent out. It is therefore important to choose courses wisley.