Documentation requirements

The first steps of the application process are creating a user account at, searching for courses and programmes, and submitting an electronic admissions application. After that, the next step is to support your eligibility for the courses and programmes you have applied for.

In order to support your eligibility, you must provide University Admissions in Sweden with copies of your previous study information, as well as documentation of your English proficiency.

Exactly what you need to submit, and how you need to submit this documentation depends on a number of factors including:

  • the level of studies you have applied to (Bachelor's or Master's)

  • the specific requirements of a course or programme

  • the requirements of the university you've applied to

  • where you completed your studies

It is very important that you read the following sections on supporting your eligibility. Please be sure to read about what you need to submit, and how your documents must be submitted. If you do not submit all that is required, or submit documents in the wrong way, it will delay the processing of your application. Please begin with the following link: Documenting your eligibility

Please note: The certification procedure for documents which verify exemption from paying the application fee is different than that of the process for educational documents. For information on how to certify application fee-related documentation, please see EU/EEA citizens exempt from fees

Send in your documents to:

University Admissions Sweden FE 20102 
SE–839 87 Östersund