Andrew Sutherland

Andrew Sutherland

Age: 33 years

Lives in: Umeå

Studied: Master in tourism, 2010-2012

Occupation today:Turismstrateg för Region Västerbotten Turism

To start studying at Mid Sweden University was the best choice of my life. I moved here from South Africa to the cold city of Östersund and just loved it! The university became my life, the friends became my family and the experience and the knowledge I acquired opened up doors towards new opportunities, not only in Sweden, but also in the rest of Europe.  

How would you describe the programme?
It was different from what I had expected. A lot more practical work than I expected, that was based on theoretical knowledge. Important subjects, such as sustainable
destination development, run like a thread through the entire programme. There was a lot of group work, but we were also expected to bring theoretical knowledge and academic skills. 

What do you think about the cooperation with trade and industry during the programme?
Good. I had the opportunity to do my internship at Jämtland Härjedalen Turism (JHT), which led to a summer job, a part-time job after the programme and in addition, it opened the door to my current job in Västerbotten. 

What do you work with today?
I work as a tourism strategist at Region Västerbotten turism. I work with areas like sustainable destination development, development work in collaboration with the tourism industry, and international marketing of Västerbotten, based on our brand Visit Västerbotten in Lappland. 

What was it like to go from studies to working life?
It was different for me, as I had to learn Swedish at the same time as I started working. But apart from that, I felt that I got a good insight into working life as a trainee and during my summer job. I guess you stay a student for the rest of your life.  

Any advice for students who are considering applying?
Do it! If your motivation is to be close to Åre, let that guide you in your student life. Do not regret your decision. Enjoy the Norrland life. Travel around the world during your time as a student. Study when you have to, but let go sometimes and play. Open your eyes to the world. Believe in yourself and don´t care about what other people think.

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