Mehrzad Lavassani is a PhD student doing research in the area of data analytics in industrial wireless sensor networks here at Mid Sweden University. After completing her licentiate degree, she is hoping to continue towards her PhD.


Mehrzad Lavassani

Programme: International Master's Programme in Computer Engineering, 120 credits

Why did you choose to study the International Master's Programme in Computer Engineering?

Because of my interest in networks and communication. During my bachelor studies in the Information Technology programme, I took some optional related courses on the subjects. The next logical step for me, considering my interest, was to apply for a programme that focused on this area. The syllabus of the master’s programme in computer engineering at Miun was very close to the subjects I liked to study more in-depth.

Why did you choose Mid Sweden University?

When I applied for this programme, Mid Sweden University was ranked 4 among universities in Sweden, and the computer engineering programme was in top two programmes offered in computer engineering in Sweden, so it was not a hard decision.

What does a typical study week look like?

The second cycle is highly self-study oriented (~70%), and half of the credits for almost all of the courses are for projects. In one week it was usually few hours of lectures and many hours of studying in the library or working on projects in computer labs.

What does the connection between education and research look like in this programme?

From my experience, the programmes offered in the IST department by the SCN research group are interesting project-based courses that are highly connected to the various ongoing research.

What was the topic of your master’s degree project?

In the thesis, I proposed and investigated a new medium access control protocol (D-MAC) for wireless sensor networks compatible with IEEE 802.15.4e std. The protocol can deliver prioritized and emergency messages in real-time to prevent possible damages to people and revenue loss. The focus was on industrial automation and control systems, but it can also be extended to applications such as e-health monitoring.

Can you name some highlights from your studies?

Team works on projects and in the labs were quite interesting experiences. Also open discussions in some of the courses with other students and lecturers.

What are you doing right now?

I am a PhD student, doing research in the area of data analytics in industrial wireless sensor networks.

Tell us about your future plans and dreams!

I am focusing on my research right now to complete my licentiate degree. Afterwards, I am hoping to continue towards my PhD.

What do you think about Mid Sweden University?

Mid Sweden is a young and very dynamic university. The diverse environment with international students and lecturers makes the students´ everyday lives quite interesting. I liked it a lot during the Masters’ program and now as a PhD student.

How do you like it in Sundsvall?

I like Sundsvall quite a lot. I think it is a beautiful city with much to offer, ranging from municipal facilities to the great nature just few steps away from the front door.

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