Focusing on real and modern problems and trying to find solutions

We talked to Nico Ferrari about his studies at Mid Sweden University and his studies at the Master by Research in Computer Engineering program.

Nico Ferrari

When did you study at Mid Sweden University?

I started to study at Mid Sweden University in January 2017, after being admitted for an exchange study program (Erasmus) of 6 months. During these months I got to know some students which were enrolled in the master by research programs. They described to me how it works and I have been fascinated by this type of master, which was completely new to me. At that time, I had almost completed my first year of master in Computer Engineering in Italy, but I decided to enroll there, therefore, in September 2017 I was officially a student at MIUN.

What made you choose our program?

What made me choose this master was the research part. Focusing on real and modern problems and trying to find solutions, applying the concepts learnt during the lessons. In Italy I was learning several concepts and in different topics but the opportunities to apply them in something concrete were really few. This mix of practical and theoretical approaches is for sure my first reason, but at the same time, the Scandinavian culture and nature made this transition really easy.

What did you do during your time as a Master by Research Student?

During my master I worked mainly in the topic of Cryptography in IoT systems. I also had the opportunity to collaborate in the publication of two scientific papers. The entire research group Communication Systems and Networks (CSN) at STC Research Centre has always been open to help me, giving me feedbacks and supporting me, and it has been great to work with them! 

From your experience

  • what would you say to those who’s thinking about applying to the program?
    For those students which are thinking about applying to this program I would say that for sure it can be really challenging, but the result will repay all the effort! Moreover, the research group Communication Systems and Networks (CSN) at STC Research Centre is always ready to help.
  • what would you say to the once who are studying the program now?
    To whom is studying already in this program, well, I am sure that they are working on challenging interesting problems and when the time to apply for job interviews comes, these can be also an interesting part of discussion during the process. I think that this master teaches you how to work in a team, how to do research and how to present it, which is something that from my point of view is missing from the usual Master programs.

What have you done after your studies at Mid Sweden University?

After my master I found a job in a German company as a software engineer. I also started a new online master in information security in order to get more knowledge in the field.