Master Programme in Emotion Psychology, 120 credits

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Emotion is an important field of psychology, because emotions constantly affect us in everyday life, for example, in interactions with others, or in decision making. Emotions also influence a range of other psychological processes (e.g. attention, memory, motivation). Above all, emotions are important factors for well-being, both psychological as well as physical. The program will provide you with a solid theoretical foundation and scientific training, aiming to shape analytical and systematic thinking, as well as the ability to evaluate and contribute to the research field.

The Master’s program will give you a comprehensive understanding of emotion psychology as a discipline and research field. The courses included in the Master’s program are broad and grounded in ongoing research and clinical expertise.

The program consists of three parts: theoretical foundations, applications, and an independent scientific work (Master’s thesis). The first and second semester consists of advanced courses in emotion psychology and research methods. The third semester consists of three applied courses, selected by the students from a list of optional courses, and one compulsory method course. Eligible applied courses are specified in the syllabus. The applied courses are intended to lay the foundations for the thesis (30 credit points) to be finalized during the fourth semester.

For greater flexibility, the program is available as a distance learning program with one (5 day long), compulsory campus based meeting in Östersund, each semester. In addition, students can choose to study either full-time or part-time (at a 50% load). Initial application to the program is for full-time studies, but after commencing, students can choose to reduce their study load by taking only one of two 7.5 credit point courses in each ten-week period. During the second semester (for full-time students), students have the possibility to write a thesis (15 credit points) to complete a one-year Master’s degree.

Courses are given in English.


There are four compulsory meetings at the campus in Östersund, Sweden.
Furthermore, there are mandatory web-seminars for which the students will need a headset, a webcam and a well-functioning internet connection.

Entry requirements

A bachelor's degree of at least 180 credits (ECTS) with a major in psychology. Alternatively, a bachelor's degree of at least 180 credits (ECTS) with a different major and 60 credits in psychology. English course 6/English course B from Swedish Upper Secondary School (Gymnasium) or the equivalent.

Title of qualification

Degree of Master of Arts/Science (120 credits)
Masterexamen med huvudområdet psykologi
translated into
Degree of Master of Science (120 credits) with a major in Psychology

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