Miriam Matheis is studying Master By Research in Biology

”It teaches you how to work independently and gives you working experience in a research team”

Miriam Matheis

Name: Miriam Matheis
From: Germany
Age: 33
Previous studies: International Forest Ecosystem
Management in Eberswalde, close to Berlin, Germany

Now studying: Master by Research in Biology

What did you do before you came here?
After 3 years working daytime as a waiter and studying in the evenings at the night school, I went for a 1-year voluntary service to India working in an environmental education project. When I came back, I started studying in Eberswalde.
I wrote my Bachelor’s essay about my internship in Ethiopia, an ethno-botanical study I called “Potential of wild and traditionally used plants to contribute to food safety”.

Why did you choose to study a Master by Research?
I discovered my interest in science during my project for the project thesis where I planned and conducted a household survey and a small vegetation inventory by myself. I realized that my BSc did not provide the necessary scientific base for that. That’s why I decided to study a Master by Research.
I chose my project together with my supervisor before my arrival. This would not be possible in any other Master programme.

What does it offer you that a Master wouldn’t?
It definitely teaches you how to work independently and it gives you working experience in a research team, already during your studies.

What it is it like to be a part of a research team?
Working in an international team of Master and PhD students and closely together with your professors gives you the opportunity to also learn about other fields and topics. You see other projects developing and you can learn from each other.

Thoughts about your future?
I have no idea what will come next. I think I will try to get a job in a nature conservation organisation…in Germany…or anywhere else in this beautiful world.

The page was updated 12/28/2017