– The programme is project based and in touch with reality

Every year, the students of Master By Research, MBR, gather to share their research projects during a full day. We took the opportunity to talk to them about what they think about the programme.

Master by research

Kajsa Nilsson, Till Dreier & Fahmidazaman Irin

Fahmidazaman Irin, Till Dreier and Kajsa Nilsson are three of the participants of the MBR day in Sundsvall. Fahmidazaman and Till are studying their second and third semester respectively, while Kajsa has reached the end of her studies. All of them feel that the education live up to their different expectations. Kajsa Nilsson, who studies the specialization on product development and engineering, says she has had lots of positive experiences.

– The advantages I see is among other things the possibility to affect the direction of your own studies, the programme is project based and in touch with reality, and there is a great flexibility in terms of planning your own schedule, as there are quite few fix appointments. In my project, I have also gotten very close to several companies, which has resulted in many valuable contacts. Now, I will continue my research within the framework of the research centre Sportstech.

Fahmidazaman Irin is a biologist and studies how fungi act when competing against each other and which chemical substances they secrete when doing so. She thinks the quality of the programme is very high, but she would like to see more collaborations with other researchers.

– It would be great if we for instance could collaborate more with other universities, but that is of course a question about money, she says.

Till Dreier, whose specialization is electronics, studied at Mid Sweden University before he started at the MBR programme. He looked up different research groups himself to find out more about their research, and that way, he could choose what suited him best. He too likes the independent study form.

– I like the fact that you get a lot of freedom; this way you can dig much deeper into your subject. In addition, I feel that you learn a lot more with this practical approach, in comparison with my home country Germany, where you only get theoretical knowledge.

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