"The close collaboration with users and companies attracted me"

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What was it like to study Master in Design for all?

The two years that I studied at the programme were very educational and exciting. I didn’t know that much about “Design for all” when I started, so in the beginning, it was rather difficult. Because it is an international programme with students from several different countries, we learned a lot about what was happening in the field of design in other parts of the world. I would not have got such a broad perspective if I had chosen a national programme.

What was your impression of the programme? Is there anything in particular that you would like to highlight?

It was a huge advantage to us that the users of the products participated in the process and that we got to collaborate closely with different companies. That particular aspect is important for our future careers. It was good that our assignments were varied, since we gained experience in several different areas. I also want to mention our excellent lecturers and teachers, both internal and external, from Sweden and other countries.

Why did you choose that specific programme?

I already had a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design and I wanted to continue in another direction. Then I found the programme “Design for all” on Mid Sweden University’s website. Based on the description, I thought that it seemed really exciting and it was something that I would like to work with after I had completed my studies.

What do you do today?

At present, I work at the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture with “Nyskapingsprogrammet Innovasjon for alle” (English: The Innovation Programme Innovation for All). The purpose of the programme is to contribute to and support the development of products and services that are available to everyone, thereby contributing to a more integrated society that focuses on diversity and equal opportunities for everyone to participate. It is my impression that a lot is happening right now in the field of design and universal design.

Why did you choose Mid Sweden University?

I discovered Mid Sweden University when I was looking for design programmes in Norway and Sweden. The programme was new, seemed exciting and was only offered at Mid Sweden University. The description of the close collaboration with users and companies made me decide on “Design for all” and that was why I chose Mid Sweden University.

How did you enjoy studying at Mid Sweden University?

I was really happy at Mid Sweden University. Mostly because of the environment, all the social arrangements and because there were so many students from all over the world. Because of the programme, I now have good friends from many different countries.

What was your impression of Sundsvall as a university town?

Sundsvall is a small town that has everything. It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape where you can go skiing, swimming, hiking and biking, as well as other places where students can meet and spend some time together at weekends. Most things are within walking distance, which makes it easy to get a hold of anything you need.

What advice do you have for future students who are about to apply to a programme?

Choose something that you’re interested in and try to find out what opportunities you’ll have after finishing the programme. After all, you’ll be studying for several years. Other than that, just enjoy your time at university and get to know a lot of new people!