Photo journalist blogs for the Huffington Post

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Janne Riikonen, a student of the International Master´s Programme in Photojournalism has been offered to blog for the prestigious American online magazine Huffington Post.

- I was contacted by the photo editor of the magazine who had seen part of my work and completely out of the blue, he offered me the opportunity to start a photo blog, and I can keep on blogging for as long as I want to, says Janne Riikonen.

IIn September 2014, he started as a new student of the International Master´s Programme in Photojournalismat Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall after having worked and studied in Finland before. He has also worked as a photographer in several countries around the world.  

- I am in the beginning of the Master´s programme and the tasks we get are challenging. I will be able to test my limits here. At the same time, I like that there is great freedom within the framework of the programme, says Janne Riikonen.

Social issues, human rights and global phenomena are the topics he is most interested in as a photographer and with his work, he aims at helping people to better understand the world as a whole. This is also the type of content his blog will have.

- For a start, I have thought about discussing the situations of photographers in conflict zones, like how you are affected as a photographer living in a war zone, and how you are affected when your job is to document other people´s misery. Later on, I will also write about my own photos and work, says Janne Riikonen.

After his studies, he intends to continue to work as a photo journalist. I want to work with long documentaries and coverages for papers and magazines all over the world, he says.