Everything is completely organized; therefore you can have lots of activities here

Babak Bakhtiari

Hobbies: Playing guitar, listening to music, watching movies, hiking
Favorite movie: Trilogy of Lord of the Rings
Most loved about Sweden: Nature, friendly environment and tolerance

Where do you come from?

I come from Tehran, Iran

What program do you study?

I study Master's programme in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development in Östersund Campus.

Where do you live?

I live in a student apartment in the city center. It is a small room and it is pretty convenient for me.

Why did you choose to study here at Mid Sweden University?

I was trying to continue my studies abroad and I found this university a young one with bright future in the heart of Scandinavia with amazing nature in all seasons. I have also found this programme very interesting and challenging.

Describe Mid Sweden University.

As I expected Mid Sweden University has a friendly and warm environment. There are many other international students which make it possible to get to know many other cultures. Everything is completely organized; therefore you can have lots of activities here.

Describe your studies.

This programme has a broad view on many issues, including environment, industry, and society to even some understandings of economics. That is why I found this programme so unique.

What is the biggest difference to your home university?

 In my country we take several courses simultaneously and in the end of the semester we have exams to all of them. Here we take one course in a specified time period and we take the exam at the end of the course which makes it possible to focus more in one subject in a time and have more time to dedicate to the studies in a more efficient way.

What do you like concerning studying at Mid Sweden University?

The most impressing thing here is that we call our teachers by their first names which make the communication between teacher and student more open and friendly. On the other hand teachers are always there to help you with whatever you might need regarding your studies. It is also true about the other staff.

What do you like about Mid Sweden University in general?

I really like the campus here in Östersund. It is not a big campus but everything is included, from a very big and organized library to different labs, computers and study rooms.

What do you appreciate about the City where you study?

I study in Östersund campus and I think this city has a unique nature specially when it comes winter activities. In winter Östersund offers you all the options you might wish concerning winter sports. For instance, this winter I was excited about Biathlon World Cup and I was there during the competitions. In summer you can enjoy the magnificent nature since it is really close to you.

What do you like about Sweden in general?

Nature is the first thing that comes in my mind first when I think about Sweden. Lots of lakes and forests and tons of clean air. I heard so much about Swedish traditional holidays like Valborg and Midsommar and I am looking forward to attend to all of them.

How do you spend your free time?

I usually hang out with my friends. In my free time I play guitar. Actually I was a part of a band here before and now I have some Swedish friends and I help them to arrange for concerts. I teach guitar to some of my friends. In winter I really want to experience ice skating and skiing.

Describe the social life as a student in Sweden.

I learned so much about different cultures since there are many students from different countries. There are different occasions for different cultures which are really interesting and give me as an international student to get along better with everyone by knowing their cultures.

Is there the opportunity for doing sports at Mid Sweden University or in your city?

Yes, there are many gyms in the city and also in the university. From volleyball and basketball to swimming and skating is possible here. As I mentioned before here is the winter city so you have a variety of options for winter sports. In summer it is possible to hike since the nature calls you for it.

Is there the opportunity to travel while studying here?

Yes it is absolutely possible to travel wherever you want. I planned to go to Uppsala and Stockholm in upcoming days and I also want to go to Oslo, Copenhagen and Paris in this summer.

Would you recommend other international students to study here?

Yes I do. Because I think this university and this city have a great potential for international students and I believe that in close future there will be more and more improvements regarding education and student life here in Östersund.