Kevin Denhamn

Comes from: I was born in Argentina but I was raised travelling around the world. Over a journey of 11 years I lived with my family in Germany, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Paraguay.
Studies: I am on my last year of the Eco-engineering program at Mid Sweden University in Östersund.
Campus: Östersund

Why did you choose Mid Sweden university?

Because of my field of interest and because the program is taught in English. I chose this program because I love studying and understanding about humans’ relationship with the environment, and finding concrete ways of action towards a more sustainable society.

What are you doing right now?

I am designing a sustainable neighborhood that functions in a nearly off-grid manner and is built with recycled shipping containers. It has its own energy and food production, biological wastewater treatment and there is a big focus on social and pedagogical spatial planning. In Argentina I studied courses in architecture, agricultural engineering and education so in this project I get to combine a lot of things that I like.

I started working with this project when I did my internship at Östersund’s Municipality, Sweco and Anders Nyquist Eco Cycle Architect. Now the project is being financed.

Future plans and dreams?

I am very interested in the design and planning of more sustainable cities. I like to take part in the design processes but I also have a big passion for project management.

Dreams? I feel like I am living one of my dreams. I am studying and working with sustainability issues and continuing with my climbing. Friends, girlfriend and family are healthy. I am thankful.
But another dream that I have is that we as humans can learn to live according to the limits of nature, and do it.

How do you like it in Östersund and Sweden?

I am a fan of Östersund. I decided to live in this city because I am a climber and I wanted to combine this with my studies and my work. The environment here is incredible; 15 minutes by bicycle and you can be rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, running in the forest… and the list continues. There are many people that move here for this reason so it is possible to share all these activities with great groups of friends. The quality of life here is outstanding. I hope that Östersund develops sustainably and manages to preserve its unique environment.

The page was updated 2/12/2022