Master by Research in Chemical Engineering, 120 Credits

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The Master by Research programme in Chemical Engineering targets those who are highly motivated to develop skills and knowledge for future career in academic, industrial or public research and development. This is also an excellent preparation for future doctoral studies.

The Master by Research programme in Chemical Engineering is the right choice for students who wish to specialize in applied chemistry and aim for a career within research, development and innovation. During the programme, you work together with researchers on a research problem in one of Mid Sweden University’s largest research environments. You mix your research with the academic studies you need to solve the problem.

As a student, you are part of a research team at the research centre FSCN that develops new sustainable cellulosic materials and processes. Together with researchers, you take part in a research project and work both independently and together with others.

The education consists of both courses on an advanced level and project work, and ends with an individual Master’s thesis during the last semester. Having completed the programme, students should be able to understand and assess the possibilities and limitations of different technologies. Projects may include areas like new functional cellulosic materials, bio refinery, resource efficient production, bioenergy, or energy storage in renewable systems.

Entry requirements

English course 6/English course B from Swedish Upper Secondary School (Gymnasium) or the equivalent.

Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Engineering (at least 180 Credits/180 ECTS) in relevant subject, for example Chemical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Chemistry, Physical Engineering or the equivalent.


To apply, visit

Please note that in addition to your application you must also submit a letter stating your interest in the programme and rank your interests in the different study projects offered. Describe your previous background relevant to the subject and attach your Bachelor’s thesis or similar individual projects that you wish to refer to. This material should be sent as PDF by e-mail to Ida Svanedal,, no later than 18 April.

Title of qualification

Degree of Master of Arts/Science (120 credits)
Masterexamen med huvudområdet kemiteknik, translated into Master of Science (120 credits) with a major in Chemical Engineering.

After the program

After having completed your Master’s thesis, there are good opportunities to work with research within academy or trade and industry, or in product development with new technology.

Work experience contact

During the programme, you will meet both researchers and companies that our research centre cooperates with. This way, you get useful contacts and experiences that will be useful for your future career.