Master Programme in Health Science, 60 Higher Education Credits

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Master Programme in Health Science, 60 Higher Education Credits, 60 Credits

General data

  • Code: VHÄLA
  • Cycle: Second cycle
  • Ref no: MIUN 2006/1425
  • Credits: 60
  • Answerable department: Health Sciences
  • Answerable faculty: Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Latest review: 7/9/2013
  • Version valid from: 8/15/2013


The objective of the training programme is that students shall acquire qualified training, which can lead to a Degree of Master in Health Science with a major in public health or nursing science.

The training shall provide students with the opportunity to further develop their ability to independently integrate and use their skills/knowledge and boost their ability to handle complex occurrences that can arise when working in the public health science and nursing.

The training programme also provides students with the opportunity to develop their ability for independent research and development work. Throughout the entire training programme students shall commit to an inter- multidisciplinary attitude to the subject’s work and research issues.

Programme objectives

After completing the training programme students shall:
- based on a critical and analytical way of thinking, have acquired deeper
knowledge in different research traditions and academic methods in a main field
of study related to nursing science
- be able to theorise on issues related to health, health science, public health and nursing
- have acquired the ability to argue for, synthesize, and apply different theories in
- have increased their employability through acquiring an in-depth knowledge and
skills in the specific field of study, which in turn leads to better being able to
contribute to development in working life through an acquired ability to apply and
renew knowledge in a relevant way
- based on a perspective of human dignity be able to recognize and analyse social
processes, positions of power and ethical dilemmas in connection with research and
- be able to evaluate the work in the field of practice for health science as well as


With emphasis on Nursing Science

Nursing Science AV, Health Science, 7.5 Credits
- Health – concepts and definitions
- Health from a societal, group and individual perspective
- Theories describing health from a holistic perspective

Nursing Science AV, Research Methods in Health Science, 7.5 Credits
- Academic work
- Library science
- Databases and information retrieval
- Research ethics
- Documenting research – writing course

Nursing Science AV, Specialized courses, 30 Credits
- Ethics and the philosophy of life related to the subject field, 7.5 Credits
- Individual subject specialization (preparatory to the independent academic
assignment in the following item) 7.5 Credits
- Optional specialized courses, 15 Credits

Nursing Science AV, Master Degree Project, 15 Credits


Nursing Science

Public Health Science

Entry requirements

Completed Degree of Bachelor with a major in Nursing Science (at least 180 Higher Education Credits) including a degree project (at least 15 Credits) - or an equivalent foreign degree in the field of nursing or an equivalent subject field.

Description of programme

The training programme improves students’ ability to, after a completed Degree of Bachelor of Science in nursing science, meet with the changing social and working life demands for specialized skills in nursing science. The Master Programme provides opportunities for further specialized studies in a Master Programme and together these programmes contribute an excellent foundation for continued studies at research level.

Selection rules and procedures

The selection process is in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance and the local order of admission.

Programme with restricted admissions

Specific prerequisites for the courses included in the programme are stated in the respective curriculums.

Teaching and examination

The modus operandi for studies and examinations are stated in the respective curriculums.

Title of qualification

Degree of Master of Arts/Science (60 credits)

Magisterexamen med huvudområdet folkhälsovetenskap alternativt omvårdnad
translated into
Degree of Master of Science (60 credits) with a major in Public Health Science or Nursing Science.

Other information

The programme syllabus was established by the Faculty’s Committee for Human Sciences on the 19th September, 2006.

Evaluation of the courses in the programme and the programme as a whole is in accordance with the rules and regulations for course evaluation established by Mid Sweden University.

Student influence in the programme is guaranteed according to the Higher Education Ordinance and local rules and regulations at Mid Sweden University.

During the course of studies courses and the name of course modules, contents, credit distribution and place in time may be subject to change.

Approved by the Department’s Board on the 14th March, 2007. Revised on the 24th April, 2008 – the previous double training requirements were removed.

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