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Campus från ovan
View from above, IT Sligo Campus

Welcome to Sligo and the summer academy!

We have booked student accommodation for you from Sunday 12th August  to Friday 24th August 2018.  

 If you want to share the room with a friend, type in the name of the friend/s when you are confirming your place at the summer academy.

 You will be booked in from Sunday 12th to Friday 24th  August.  If you want to stay more nights you will need to make your own accommodation arrangements.  Sligo has lots of options including hotels and hostels.  There is an extensive listing of options on AirBnB. The cost per person will be approximately €300 to €325 (Euro) for the duration.

 The student accommodation is 5 minutes walk from the main college campus and 20 minute walk to the centre of Sligo town.  The college is well served with a local bus service.

How to get to IT Sligo:

Plane: The main air travel connections convenient to Sligo are via Dublin Airport and Ireland West Regional Airport (Knock).   Both are well served by budget airlines such as Ryanair.

Dublin Airport;

Ireland West Airport:

Direct bus transfer from Dublin Airport to Sligo;

Direct bus transfer from Ireland West Airport to Sligo;

There is also a direct train link from Dublin to Sligo;

 Map of Sligo: