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Bengt Oelmann

Name: Bengt Oelmann
Title: Professor
University: Mid Sweden University
Background: I am a professor in Electronics Design and me and my four PhD students are doing research on embedded sensor systems and wireless sensor networks.

Leisure time: Photography
Your expectations on the summer university: I hope to meet students that comes up with unexpected solutions in the projects.

Sebastian Bader

Name: Sebastian Bader
Title: Researcher
University: Mid Sweden University
Background: I am a post-doctoral researcher in Electronics at the STC Research Center. My research interests lie in the area of embedded systems, wireless sensor networks and energy harvesting. I teach related topics in our Master of Science program.

Leisure time: Since I am sitting most of my workdays in the office, in my spare time I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Typical activities include climbing, skiing and swimming. I also like to travel, particular when it offers opportunity for scuba diving. 

Your expectations on the summer university: I hope to have fun with a number of nice people and spread some awareness about modern sensing technologies.

Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson

Name: Bengt Gunnar Jonsson
Title: Professor in Plant Ecology
University: Mid Sweden University
Background: My research focuses on forest biodiversity and I hope to contribute with knowledge that will help us to move forestry towards sustainability. Mostly the studies have addressed the large number of species dependent on dead trees, hosting about 6000 species just in Sweden. The studies also include analysis for forest dynamics with a special emphasis on forest fires as a natural and important process. I also teach Conservation Biology and try to contribute to the discussion on how we can live in better harmony with nature.

Leisure time: Also during spare time I like to be in the nature, particularly doing plant inventories and bird watching. Life would also be extremely boring without music and I do some pathetic attempts to play piano. There is always a book on the bedside and next to the hammock in the garden.

Your expectations on the summer university: I hope to meet an interesting group of students, willing to explore the issue of sustainability. I also expect nice weather, especially on the Saturday excursion to Skuleskogen National Park. The interaction with the incoming teachers is also exciting; having time with colleagues from other places is rewarding!   

Stefan Haller

Name: Stefan Haller
Title: Doctoral student at the Electronics design division
University: Mid Sweden University
Background: Besides my doctoral studies I am also doing research within the research center Sensible Things that Communicate at Mid Sweden University. The researchcenter develops sensor-based systems and services within electronics and computer technology, focusing on industrial IT, mobile services and environmental monitoring.

Olof "Olle" Nilsson

Name: Olof Nilsson
Title: University Coordinator of International Relations/Senior Lecturer Informatics
University: Mid Sweden University
Background: I started as a lecturer in Informatics at Mittuniversitetet 1997. In 2005 I fulfilled my PhD studies and went to Ireland for a post-doc in 2008. Beside lecturing and research I have had a position as international coordinator at my department. Today I spend half of my working time as university coordinator of international relations and the other half as responsible for the university’s research database.

When I’m not at work you probably can find me in a kitchen somewhere, while cooking is one of the ways I relax. If I’m not in a kitchen I will be outdoors, hiking, running, biking or skiing.

Cathrine Gladh

Name: Cathrine Gladh
Title: International Coordinator and project leader for the summer university
University: Mid Sweden University

Werner Trentmann

Name: Werner Trentmann 
Title: Dipl.-Ing.
University: Osnabrueck University of Applied Science, Germany

Background/Experience: before 1988: telecommunication technician, since 1988:  Lab Engineer in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Measurement Technics, Digital Signal Processing, Process and Particle Measurement, Image Processing

Leisure time:  running long distances, hiking, (e.g. the way to Santiago) bicycling, travelling, reading, languages

Your expectations on the summer university:   Meet people from different countries, intercultural work, interesting projects, enjoy Sweden.

Joerg Hoffmann

Name: Joerg Hoffmann
Title: Prof. Dr. -Ing
University: Osnabrueck University of Applied Science, Germany 

Background: I studied Technical Cybernetics and Automation Technologies with the graduation as Dipl. -Ing. After this I graduated with the doctoral degree Dr. -Ing in the field Metrology, measurement and instrumentation. After working at a Research Institute as Head of the research groups for X-Ray Flourescence Analaysis and for Nuclear Electronics I changed to industry as a Head of Research and Development at a manufacturer of measurement devices for the petrol industry. 1993 I became a full Professor in Germany and 2013. I became a Prof. of honours (Prof. h.c.) at a foreign University.

My main field of interest is the development of sensors and sensorsystems, especially for the characterisation of particles properties in fluids.

Martin Vogel

Name: Martin Vogel
Title: MSc Electrical Engineering ETH
University: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Background: I am lecturer at at the Departement of Computer Science. I am teaching Programming around microprocessors, Project Management and Coaching of interdisciplinary team work. I am working 50 to 60% at the university. The rest of my time I am a self employed professional photographer.

Leisure time: I do like outdoor sports - mostly in the mountains - with skies, shoes or bikes - and recently I am a excited pilot of small airplanes and dream of doing some projects on alternative drives for airplanes.

Your expectations on the summer university: With my experience in coaching of interdisciplinary teams and my very broad understanding of engineering I hope to contribute to the success of all team projects. And of course I am looking also forwards for some additional intercultural experiences.

Jan Hein Eggers

Name: Jan Hein Eggers
Title: MSc ICT Management, BSc Mathematics and Physics
University: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Background: I have more than 25 years experience in ICT management and technology in variety of industries.  I had fulfilled various roles as a principal business consultant, program/ project manager and manager operations.

Since joining the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2011 I give lectures about ICT Management.  The focuses of the lectures are to ensure that the streamlined operation of the IT Department is aligned with the business objectives of the organization.

Leisure time: photography, bicycling, reading, traveling
Expectation of the summer university: I hope to have a great time with students, colleagues, teachers and of course useful products/solutions for the project.
I am looking forward to join the Saturday excursion to Skulesogen National Park.

Reza Esmaili

Name: Reza Esmaili
Title: Master of Science of the Public Management, Bachelor of Science of Electrical Engineering (Drs. Ing.)
University: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Background: After my study I worked as Software Engineer and researcher at some software-companies in Holland for several years. Since 1997 I became lecturer and curriculum coordinator at the department of Software Engineering, where I teach design, build and testing of the software applications. At the moment, my research area is about (information and communication) technology driven business and its impact on high education. Since 2010 I have been program manager of two bachelor programs at our University.

Leisure time: I am fond of running and walking. I love to travel and to meet people around the world. In my leisure time I like also to read something which has nothing to do with my work. I also like politics and  philosophy.

Your expectations on the summer university: I hope to meet students who are enthusiastic and who want to use the summer university to get  inspiration to create value for the sustainability.

Declan Feeney

Name: Declan Feeney
Title: Lecture in Environmental Science
University: Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland
Background: I am from Sligo in Northwest Ireland.  I lecture in Environmental Science and Sustainable Development on our environmental undergraduate and post-graduate programmes at IT Sligo.I am a member of the Centre for Environmental Research, Innovation and Sustainability (CERIS).  My teaching and research involves working on ecosystem services, the natural capitol they provide and their management to ensure sustainable use in the future.  I am currently working on coastland vulnerability and how we must adapt to maintain high levels of biodiversity in these fragile and delicate environments.

Leisure time

I am a surfer based on the Atlantic coast with over 25 years experience.  When I am not surfing or thinking about waves and surfing I am happy outside hiking and camping.  

Your expectations on Summer University:

I believe the biggest challenge we have in environmental science is to communicate and work with other disciplines, to help inform and bring about sustainable change.  I hope that the Summer University will allow us to fun exploring these challenges and to meet interesting people from different backgrounds and different skill sets.

Eric Klok

Name: Eric Klok
Title: Bachelor of Science of Electrical Engineering (Ing)
University: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Background: Besides being a lecturer at the Game Development department (5 years), i am the co-founder of PixelPixies, a company specialized in the development of Serious Games and websites. (13 years)

Before that i worked for several years for a company publishing a number of national newspapers, mainly developing offline and online content management systems.

Leisure time: In my leisure time il like to walk in the woods with my dog and to go ice-skating in the winter.

Your expectations on the summer university: Working on an inspiring project in close co-operation with passionate students and colleagues. In other words: having fun! 

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