Camilla Lindholm |

Camilla Lindholm

From: Sweden
Studying: Eco-Entreprenuer at Mid Sweden University, Campus Östersund
Project: Forest Game, at Campus Sundsvall 2019

What made you decide to participate?

I knew about since it was offered in Sundsvall previous years, and it had sparked my interest. It fit well into my schedule this summer.

How did you first hear about the Summer University?
I first heard about it last year when I was studying as an exchange student for one semester in Sligo, Ireland. That year they were the organizers. 

What did you like the best about the Summer University?
I like most that the project group consists of people from different countries that are studying various subjects. This way, we all have a different perspective on things and can contribute to our knowledge.

How would you describe the Summer University?
I describe it as an enjoyable and relaxed way of going to university.

What was it like working with the project?
It was fun, and I had to think about new things that I didn't even know I would ever think about it. I would have never done a game about the forest if I wasn't here and I am delighted I did.

How did you combine your skills?
Some of us are studying environmental science while some are studying gaming, programming and IT so we have different skills and can learn from each other.

What have you learned during the summer university?
I have learned that when making a game, there are a lot of things to consider. It also gave me an insight into how I work in a new group of people and made it clear how different people take on different roles, that is kind of interesting. 

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