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Jasmin Budmiger

From: Switzerland
Studying: Electrical Engineering, Hochschule Luzern
Project: Circular Design, at Campus Östersund 2021

How did you first hear about the Summer University?
I heard other students talk about it and I got a flyer and more information about it, which I thought was a good starting point for an international experience instead of committing to a whole semester or a year

Why did you decide to participate?
I wanted to get a taste of the experience of an international exchange to see if it was the right thing for me. Also, a big part was to improve my English and to meet new people!

What did you like the best about the Summer University?
So many things! To meet so many new people has been great. Also to work together on a project in order to improve sustainability, exchange in culture. And to be in the north as I really like it up here.

How would you describe the Summer University?
Perfect time and place to work for sustainability, meet new people and grow in yourself. It’s not only hard work, the after-work is also important and there is time for other exchanges. In our projects, we all created something useful.

What was it like working with the project?
Intense but really interesting. I knew the theoretical practices of business thinking and marketing strategy but now I got the chance to put it into practice. The sustainability side was interesting as well, seeing the problems and that we can create solutions and contribute to improvement.

How did you combine your skills?
I got to lead and organize the project a lot. I was also responsible for editing the vlogs. My role in the group was to empathize with the others and see their needs and help and support in different ways.

What have you learned during the Summer University?
So much, to work in an international group in English, sustainability challenges and solutions, and create a new concept. I also learnt to just speak and don’t overthink everything or put too much pressure on myself. It doesn’t have to be perfect, sometimes you just have to throw it out there.

Did the Summer University meet your expectations?
 Yes! It exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect to get as good of a connection with everybody, we were like a family now.

Would you participate again if you had the opportunity?
Yes! It has been such a great experience. I learnt so much, got to participate in an interesting project, experienced personal growth and had a cultural exchange.

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