Marilou Coste |

Marilou Coste

From: France
Studying: Food & Health Engineering at UniLaSalle, France
Project during the summer university: Forest Game, Campus Östersund 2021

How did you first hear about the summer academy?
It's my school who gave me a list of several universities where to do a Summer School.

Why did you decide to participate in the summer university?
I have to do 3 months out of France for my diploma, and my school wanted to try this system, so I'm like a guinea pig. And summer school sounded nice, like meeting new people and discovering a new country!

What did you like the best about the summer university?
Meeting new people from different cultures and just enjoying spending some time with everyone

How would you describe the summer university?
Fun, open minded, interesting. It's the occasion to visit a bit of the country, and (one more time) meeting new people full of kindness.

What was it like working with the project?
Very interesting! I learned more about the forest and developing a game, how it works. You have to be clear and precise when you speak because of the others who may not understand you because of our different level of English.

How did you combine your skills?
Being responsive and listening to others was very important in our project.

What have you learned during the summer university?
I have learned to work with an international team, which was very interesting! I have learned I can make some international friends, that I am capable of creating some kind of "game", and that I love brainstorming. You also have to try to see if your project works and be ok with adjusting and changes.

Did the summer university meet your expectations?
Yes, and even more! It was so much fun!

Would you participate again if you had the opportunity?
Absolutely! I don't know if I will have the time to do another one but I will do my best to be there one more time

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