Mathijs Marks |

Mathijs Marks

From: The Netherlands
Studying:: HBO-ICT Game Development at Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Project during the summer university: Green Transportation App, Campus Östersund 2021

How did you first hear about the summer academy?
I first heard about it when I started university in my home country, but then I didn’t go as I was busy with my own studies within my program. After a few years my study coach talked to me about it again and I decided to join.

Why did you decide to participate in the summer university?
The first being I really wanted to go to Sweden. I love this country. I also saw that there were projects where I thought I could use my skills and improve them further. And the third reason being the sustainability part, as this is becoming a bigger topic in my surroundings.

What did you like the best about the summer university?
I liked that even though you are being challenged in working with international people and hard work, there is a feeling of cambratery both among the students and from the teachers. These kinds of projects make learning a lot more fun!

What was it like working with the project?
In this specific project I was at first a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to do much technical work and programming as some other groups were. But we managed to make a really good project out of this.

How did you combine your skills?
Instead of programming, I tried to use my skills to look at the app from a developer’s perspective as well as a user's perspective to see what design choices they’ve done and how they can be improved. I also tried to apply some organizational skills I have during the process of the project.

What have you learned during the summer university?
Several things, that even though it is hard at times I learned that once you get a little more confident in your skills you will be sure that you can finish the project on time. I’ve also learnt how to communicate with different people in a different language, and I’ve learnt more about Swedish culture. It was really interesting to listen to the presentation of the other groups and I learned a lot about sustainability from them.

Did the summer university meet your expectations?
It did! I knew it was going to be hard work, but it has been a lot of fun as well. The whole experience was great!

Would you participate again if you had the opportunity?
Yes I would!

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