Pascal Brülhart |

Pascal Brülhart

From: Switzerland

Study: Electrical Engineering, Hochschule Luzern.

Project: Fine Dust Measurement, Campus Östersund 2021


How did you first hear about the summer academy?
I heard about it from one of my teachers. First I didn’t think much about it but then I thought it looks like a really good opportunity to get to meet new people and go abroad.

Why did you decide to participate?
Definitely improving my English and meeting new people. Working on a project with people from different backgrounds and cultures is really interesting. Sometimes it makes it harder, but also more diverse and interesting.

What did you like the best about the Summer University?
I enjoyed the contact with everyone, we had a great team and we worked well together. But also outside of summer school, we cooked together and explored the city which added to the whole experience.

What was it like working with the project?
At first I was a little lost in what was wanted from us and the goal, but we found a way to work around it and define our goals and then it was really cool to work with everyone towards those goals.

How did you combine your skills?
I brought in the perspective of programming and was working a lot with the measuring device. Others in the group were good at web development and it was nice for me to refresh my knowledge on that area too. Others worked more on collecting data and the design of presenting our findings.

What have you learned during the Summer University?
I really improved my knowledge in web development. I also did not know much about the way we have documented our process (as a website/ blog type of way). It’s amazing to be able to show this as a part of a CV for example.

Did the Summer University meet your expectations?
I didn’t have a lot of expectations, but it definitely met (and exceeded ) them! I didn’t know if it was going to be a lot of work or not, mostly technical or not at all but I think it was a good mixture of working hard on the project as well as enjoying the time abroad.

Would you participate again if you had the opportunity?
Yes definitely, I recommend it!

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