Julian Bigler

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How did you first hear about the summer academy? In an email sent from the department or International Office at my home university, informing us about it.

What made you decide to participate? Multiple reasons:  I wanted something interesting to do during the summer, and I have an interest in sustainability. I am also considering an exchange semester in Amsterdam, so this was a good way to explore the city. 

How would you describe the summer university? It is a great combination of learning and experiencing. Meeting new people and exploring the city, and building something together in a short time. I even met new people from my home university! It is very interesting to meet people from other universities have the same major, but their programs have a different focus. In Summer University, we really learn from each other. 

What did you like the best about the summer university? The personal connections made. Living in close quarters with new people was a good and interesting learning experience. Also, the food was great!

Would you participate again if you had the opportunity? Yes. I will probably have graduated by next Summer University so I can’t join again, but I have already texted my friends who will still be studying and recommended it to them.