Karina Wegele

From: Germany
Studying:Computer Scinece and Media Applications
Project: Sustainable Storytelling and Design

How did you first hear about the summer academy?
I got an email from the German teacher Jörg Hoffman, who is responsible for the project of the Fine Dust Measurements.

What did you like the best about the summer university?
The best thing about the summer university was to meet and to work with all these different nations. So, it's an excellent opportunity to widen my horizon.

How would you describe the summer university?
It’s an intercultural exchange of knowledge, where everyone learns about different cultures and how to help the environment.

What was it like working with the project?
It was proper training for me to cooperate in a group. I think the teachers gave us a lot of information that makes us ready for any situation.

What have you learned during the summer university?
I learned that it's essential to have management of the time. In the beginning, I was feeling a little bit lost, but after we planned the next day, the milestones and divided the work, I took a breath, and everything was fine.

Did the summer university meet your expectations?
Of course, it did, I wanted to be in a moviemaking group. We learned new things, different perspectives and the most important, I met new people and new cultures.