Katie Neary

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How did you first hear about the summer academy?
I heard about it from a lecturer at my home university who had been involved the previous year in Sweden. He was spreading the word and talking about the benefits of working in projects with students from different countries.

Project during the summer university: Environmental Monitoring. This group set up a sensor for measuring particulate matter and started contribute data to an international data collection. We also made an App called Dustify. It uses data from this collection to tell the user the amount of dust in their current area. The user is notified if the amount of particulate matter exceeds the WHO limits.

How did you combine your skills in your team? I was surprised by the amount of technical skills that was required, but we really learn from each other. My background is in Environmental Science, and I am really interested in environmental nuisances and pollution. As a result, my role in the group was more about the big picture; the environmental impacts and reasoning behind that, rather than the pure technical skills (such as the actual building of the app that my group is building in the project).

What have you learned during the summer university?  I learned about the process of building an app for your phone. We brainstormed the ideas for the app together and I tried to learn as much as possible when they built it. It was really interesting to see the process.

Would you participate again if you had the opportunity? Yes, definitely. Next year it is at IT Sligo, so I will definitely participate again!