Yoran Vulker

From: Holland
Studying: Cyber Security and Software Engineering, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Project: Fine Dust Measurment, at Campus Sundsvall 2019

From: Holland
Studying: Cyber Security and Software Engineering, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Project: Fine Dust Measurment

Why did you decide to participate in the summer university?
I heard about the summer academy in a couple of newsletters from my university's international office. I also read more about the different subjects. Thus,  I found myself to be interested in the Fine Dust Measurement Project  because of the concerns related to human health.

How would you describe the summer university?
During the summer university, you can learn a lot about sustainability in your field or a field that you haven't entered before but would like to explore. It's a great way to set your mind thinking about the problems we are currently facing, as well as the issues we'll have to solve in the future.

What was it like working with the project?
I have had fun working on my project. There were multiple topics to research in our project " Fine Dust Measurement", so we split the group into two teams. Even though we both were working on different themes, we always had conversations and ask each other

What have you learned during the summer university?
During my project, I have not only learned that the effects of industry and transport/logistics take some time before they are noticeable. But, besides their impact on the environment, they also affect economies. During the summer academy, I have concluded that most of humanity takes the wellbeing of nature's health for granted. We need to change the way we treat our earth.

Did the summer university meet your expectations?
I expected to have a great and fun time in Sundsvall with all the other students, and I think we managed to do that. At least I can say that this Summer Academy exceeds my expectations.

Would you participate again if you had the opportunity?
I would be glad if I got the opportunity again to have such an experience!