Completed Industrial Research College

Save favourite 24 Mar March 2016

The FSCN together with the KK Foundation and representatives of forest industry have had an Industrial Research College for ”Mechanical Pulp Technology”. The programme is now completed and we are now planning to start up the new Research school called FORIC. 


Financed by the KK Foundation and the companies

Ph D Student / Company

Lignin's Role as COD-Generator in Mechanical Pulping

Licentiate thesis>

Kerstin Andersson,
SCA R&D Centre


Improved brightness of wood-containing printing papers (Bright Paper 1)

Sofia Enberg,
Norske skog


Shives from hardwood CTMP

Jesper Nåvik, 
Metso Paper


Bonding Distribution of Fibres in Mechanical Pulp Furnishes

Licentiate thesis>


Sofia Reyier, 


Completed Projects
Financed by the KK-foundation and the companies

The Influence of Fibre Characteristics on Bulk and Strength Properties of TMP and CTMP from Spruce

Licentiate thesis>


Niklas Klinga, Holmen Paper

Energy Efficient Grinding to Uniform Quality

Mikael Rautio,
Stora Enso


Complex automation functionality and usability in advanced refiner control systems



David Sikter, Holmen Paper


Measurement and Prediction of Dewatering Characteristics for Mechanical Pulps Using Optical Fibre Analysis

Licentiate thesis>


Lisa Wester (Nordin), Eurocon Analyzer

Energy efficient single stage double disc chip refining

Licentiate thesis>

Dino Muhic,
Holmen Paper


The effect of chemicals and enzymes on the energy consumption in mechanical pulping

Doctoral thesis>


Dmitri Gorski, 
Norske Skog

Bleaching of TMP from spruce to brightness above 80 ISO units in a mill system

Licentiate thesis>


Anette Karlsson, 
SCA R&D Centre

Energy Efficient Refining after the addition of chemicals

Licentiate thesis>


Karin Walter,
Eka Chemicals
Completed Projects
Financed by other financier

Polyelectrolyte multilayer of cationic and anionic starch and their use for improving the strength of papers made from mechanical pulps.

Licentiate thesis>


Lisa Lundström, KTH/Processum


The effect of fibre wall thickness and microfibril angle on TMP energy consumption, fibre development and paper properties  (Bright Paper 2)

Doctoral thesis>


Marius Rusu,

Extractives in process water from compressive pre-treatment of chips in mechanical pulping.

Doctoral thesis>


Mihaela Tanase,

 Refining mechanisms in high capacity secondary stage low consistency refining

Stefan Andersson,
Holmen Paper



Mechanical and Chemical Chip Pre-Treatment of Norway Spruce

 Erik Nelsson,
Holmen Paper