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Department of Humanities (HUM)

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Master’s Programme (60 credits) in Comparative Literature
Programme coordinator: Anders Johansson
Faculty administrator: Carina Sundström

Master’s Programme (60 credits) in Swedish Language
Programme coordinator: Eva Nyman 
Faculty administrator: Carina Sundström

Master’s Programme (60 credits) in English Studies
Programme coordinator: Steven Hartman
Faculty administrator: Sanna Jansson

Master’s Programme (60 credits) in History
Programme coordinator: Per Sörlin 
Faculty administrator: Carina Sundström


Subject representative: Steven Hartman
Director of studies: Martin Shaw

Subject representative: Per Sörlin
Director of studies: Per Hammarström

Comparative Literature
Subject representative: Anders Johansson
Director of studies: Peter Degerman

Religious Studies
Subject representative: Jörgen Magnusson
Director of studies: Maths Bertell

Subject representative: Ingrid Lindström Leo
Director of studies: Alejandro Urrutia

Swedish Language
Subject representative: Eva Nyman 
Director of studies: Helena Andersson



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