Third-Cycle Courses and Study Programmes

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At the Faculty, there are about 100 doctoral students who have been admitted to studies in one of the 12 third-cycle subject areas.

Please contact the subject representatives if you have any questions about the third-cycle courses and study programmes!

English: Steven Hartman
Business Administration: Peter Öhman
History: Patrik Lundell
Health Science: Eija Viitasara
Nursing Science: Ove Hellzén
Education: Anders Olofsson
Psychology: Örjan Sundin
Social Work: Masoud Kamali
Sociology: Roine Johansson
Political Science: Åsa Bengtsson
Tourism Studies: Maria Lexhagen
Subject Didactics – contact: Anders Olofsson

General information about third-cycle courses and study programmes in Sweden can be found at:

Handbook for postgraduate students - The Swedish Council for Higher Education (in English)

Research Faculties
In those subject areas where Mid Sweden University has the power to award degrees on the third-cycle level, the research faculty has the overall responsibility for the quality, development and execution of the education.