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Predatory publishing

Predatory publishing is a growing phenomenon in the academic publishing. There is no exactly definition of a predatory publisher, however you can describe them as publishers who charge a fee (APC)...

Report series

Mid Sweden University's reports are usually published by the framework of a report series published by the Department, Research Center or a Research Group, see the list of Mid Sweden University...


Mid Sweden University theses are published both in printed and digital form.

Open Access

Open access means that scientific results are made freely available on the internet. It is mainly scientific articles, theses and reports, but also books and research data. Some funders require fre...


If your work is published by a publishing house, you will need to make sure what your rights are when making it freely available to others.


The Mid Sweden University theses are published in two series – one for Doctoral theses and one for Licentiate theses and in digital form.


In order to increase your visibility as a researcher it is important to identify the publications that you have created or contributed to. An author ID allows you to properly link research...