Easy Access IP

Save favourite 23 Jan January 2014

Easy Access IP is a method that offers a more efficient way to utilize research from Mid Sweden University.

Easy Access IP makes it easier for universities and industry to work together. Through a portfolio of free, Easy Access intellectual property (IP), Mid Sweden University provides a fast-track route for the transfer of knowledge and expertise from universities to industry, so that it can be developed to benefit economy and society.

Benefits for researchers

  • New perspectives on your research
  • Make the research visible to a larger group
  • Develop new forms of cooperation
  • Increase your possibilities to receive future funding
  • Provides new insight
  • Adds to your CV

Benefits for the industry

  • Access to expertise and know-how
  • Company growth
  • Larger market share
  • Connects your brand closely to research
  • Unique product, service or process
  • PR

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