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Our projects

BECaUSE - Behavioral factors in change of residential energy use

Behavioral factors in change of residential energy use - effects of an intervention and psychological factors on energy conservation (BECaUSE)

barnmorska, förlossning, gravid

Childbirth related fear and worry

This aim of this study is to enhance our understanding of psychological factors that may contribute to the development and maintenance of childbirth fear among pregnant women.


Emotions in wildlife management

In a group of psychologists and biologists we are putting emotion and environment psychology in the focus of wildlife management.


Language Lab

Language Lab is a research group interested in different aspects of psycholinguistics.


Tät.nu: Evaluation of CBT-based treatment for urine incontinence among women

About 25 % of all women report urinary incontinence (UI). Of these, 47% experience leakage associated with urgency, which can greatly impact their quality of life. Since a few years an app-based self-help program is available, called Tät.nu, which indicate promising results for women with disabling incontinence.


U-CARE Pregnancy: Evaluation of CBT-based treatment for fear of giving birth

Roughly 15-20% of pregnant women report fear of giving birth. Besides the emotional burden of the women and their families, consequences of fear can also be seen in an increased frequency of Caesarean Sections without medical reason.