Tät.nu: Evaluation of CBT-based treatment for urine incontinence among women

About 25 % of all women report urinary incontinence (UI). Of these, 47% experience leakage associated with urgency, which can greatly impact their quality of life. Since a few years an app-based self-help program is available, called Tät.nu, which indicate promising results for women with disabling incontinence.


Patients report increased control over symptoms and lower levels limitations in everyday life.

In this project an app-based multidisciplinary treatment program for women with urine incontinence is further developed and evaluated. The program includes several modules, including cognitive behavioral therapy.

The project is led by Med. Dr. Eva Samuelsson and is a collaboration between several parties; the Institution for Public health and Clinical Medicine, Umeå University and the Department of Psychology at MIUN.

Project group at the department: Johanna Thomtén (associate professor), Elisabeth Wasteson (Senior Lecturer)

Head of project and Contact: Eva Samuelsson, Region Jämtland Härjedalen