U-CARE Pregnancy: Evaluation of CBT-based treatment for fear of giving birth

Roughly 15-20% of pregnant women report fear of giving birth. Besides the emotional burden of the women and their families, consequences of fear can also be seen in an increased frequency of Caesarean Sections without medical reason.


In this project comparisons are made between internet given cognitive behavioral therapy and a treatment as usual condition (midwife counselling, Aurora counselling) for fear of giving birth.

The project is carried out in 3 middle-sized communities in Sweden and is a collaborative effort between the Department of Women's and Children's Health at Uppsala University, the Department of Psychology at MIUN and the Department of Nursing Sciences at MIUN.

Project group at the department: Johanna Thomtén (associate professor), Örjan Sundin (professor), Elisabet Rondung (PhD student).

Head of project: Christine Rubertsson, associate professor, Department of Women's and Children's Health, Uppsala University

Contact: Elisabet Rondung