Psychology Laboratory

Save favourite 8 Sep September 2017

The Psychology Laboratory is an important part of the research and education at the department. The laboratory has developed gradually over the years and continues to uptade itself continuously.

The Psychology Laboratory is a comprehensive laboratory with large resources for psychological research - from basic psychophysiological, cognitive-emotional and stress-related research to environmental and social psychological studies and various workplace simulations. The premises and equipment are used both for research and for teaching activities (student thesis, laboratory sessions, demonstrations).

In our lab, we can measure, store and analyze physiological parameters such as eye movements, brain activity (EEG), ECG, EMG, EDA, HR, and more. The laboratory is also equipped with an adaptable group room where recording of sounds and images from four different angles can be done simultaneously. The room is suitable for group observations, children's observations and even interviews. Part of the research in the laboratory is also done via mobile devices outside the premises when data collection is better suited to another environment.

All in all, this means that the psychology laboratory represents a unique and high quality resource for both research and teaching purposes.