The department of Ecotechnology and Sustainable Building Engineering does research on sustainable development which is an important issue for authorities, copmaies and organzations in our region.

Ongoing Research Projects


This project creates, synthesizes, and disseminates new knowledge for society, academia, and industry on how increased biomass demands can be met while improving the overall land use sustainability.

BioRem Fiber

Within the BioRem Fiber research project, the goal is to develop market-adapted environmental technology to clean up fiber banks along the coast of Västernorrland with the help of fungi, plants and...


The ECWA-NOR project aim to ensure the quality of our water bodys through analysis and tracking of the E.coli bacteria and eDNA.


In a sustainable world, we need to change our food industry and find alternative ways of producing, consuming and communicating food.

FORIC - Forest as a Resource Industrial College

FORIC is our industrial research school for PhD students. FORIC's full name is Forest as a Resource Industrial Research College. The research school is funded by Knowledge Foundation and we coopera...

Mistra Sport and Outdoors

Mistra Sport & Outdoors is a Swedish research and collaboration programme aiming to generate knowledge and solutions to increase sustainability in sport and outdoor recreation.

Multifunctional landscapes

This project developed new solutions for meeting increased demands of biomass for food, energy, and other biobased products, at the same time as conditions for biodiversity and multiple ecosystem...

Smart land use for green growth

This pre-study aims to investigate opportunities for regional stakeholders to conduct “smarter” land-use, with higher profitability and lower environmental impact, based on new technology and found...