Flourishing Societies within Planetary Boundaries – a tribute to Sven Erik Jørgensen

The famous ecologist and environmental chemist Sven Erik Jørgensen (August 29, 1934 - March 5, 2016) passed away earlier in March this year. As a tribute to this great scientist the Department of Ecotechnology and Sustainable Building Engineering at Mid Sweden University arrange a memorial seminar in his honor.

Sven Erik Jørgensen

When: Thursday 21 April, at 13:15-16:00

Where: Campus Östersund, room Q183

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Introduction: Flourishing Societies within Planetary Boundaries - Morgan Fröling

From Ecotechnics to Ecotechnology with Sven Erik Jørgensen – Andreas Englund, IVL, Göteborg and Mid Sweden University

Entropy, free energy, and the creation of order out of chaos – Anders Jonsson

Coffee break

Ecological engineering and ecotechnology, according to Jørgensen and Mitsch – Erik Grönlund

Ecological Engineering and the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development – Henrik Haller

Integration of ecosystem theories: a pattern (?) ! – Erik Grönlund

Copenhagen 2000 – a Ph.D. course with giants – Erik Grönlund

Summing up

Since the early 1990s Sven Erik Jørgensen was a generous supporter of the activities at Ecotechnology and its predecessor Ecotechnics in Östersund. In his latest visit at Mid Sweden University he gave a seminar about how the region can move towards sustainable development.

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Länstidningen 24 March 2014

Sven Erik Jørgensen, professor at the University of Copenhagen, had a long career with many strings on his bow, and a massive publication list: he authored or edited at least 79 books, published more the 350 papers in international academic journals. He was a so called “double doctor” with PhDs both in Environmental engineering (Karlsruhe University, 1973) and Ecological modelling (Copenhagen University, 1990). He received several prestigious awards, among them the Prigogine Prize, and the Stockholm Water Prize.

Source: University of Copenhagen