Head of Department:
Patrik Österberg

SE-851 70 Sundsvall

Visiting Adress
Holmgården 10
Building L, Floor 4

Department of Information Systems and Technology (IST)

Contact persons for questions regarding our programmes and subjects

Master of Science in Engineering – Computer Engineering
Programme coordinator: Magnus Eriksson and Stefan Forsström
Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management
Programme coordinator: Lisa Sällvin och Leif Sundberg

International Master’s Programme (120 credits) in Computer Engineering
Programme coordinator: Mikael Gidlund

Computer Science
Programme coordinator: Nayeb Maleki and Jimmy Åhlander

Network Management
Programme coordinator: Lennart Franked

Web Development
Programme coordinator: Mikael Hasselmalm and Mattias Dahlgren

Master's Programme in Sustainable Information Provision
Programme coordinator: Erik Borglund

Faculty administrators, education:  Lena Höijer


Archives and Information Science
Subject representative: 
Erik Borglund

Computer and System Science
Subject representative: Mårten Sjöström

Computer Engineering
Subject representative: Mikael Gidlund

Subject representatives: Christina Amcoff Nyström and Lena-Maria Öberg

Business Management and Organization
Subject representatives: Katarina Lindblad-Gidlund and Aron Larsson


Patrik Österberg

Prefekt |Head of Department

010-142 86 14