The University Library (Universitetsbiblioteket, UB)

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The assignment of the University Library is to provide extensive educational support for the teachers and students. This support entails making literature accessible, providing information literacy support and acting as an educational and didactic support for the teachers as well as offering the students an inspiring study environment. In addition, the library also provides an expanding publication support service for researchers. It is also the workplace library for all university staff.

Research Related Services (Forskningsnära tjänster, FNT)

This department works with the digital publication of dissertations and reports in DiVA, registration of research publications in DiVA for distribution to national and international systems, archiving and bibliometric analysis. The department also provides support to researchers and doctoral students. This includes assistance with systematic literature searches, reference-management system support and tools for Internet publication channel selection.

Learning Environment and Communication (Studiemiljö och kommunikation, SOK)

This department ensures that the University Library provides a well-functioning study environment for the students as well as effective and satisfactory communication (both digitally and within the physical library environment) for students, employees and the public alike.

Teaching and Learning Services (Utbildningsnära tjänster, UNT)

This department is responsible for the development of educational and didactic support for the teaching staff of the university. The department also offers information literacy education for students and is the owner of the learning management system Moodle as well as the Student Portal, the EvaSys evaluation system and the Kaltura media portal.

Information Supply and Acquisitions (Vetenskaplig informationsförsörjning, VIF)

This department handles all matters concerning media acquisition and distribution to the students, teachers and researchers of the university. This includes the selection and procurement of databases, journals, required reading material and other literature as well as running the inter-library loan service. The department also ensures that the collections of the university are searchable and accessible, both on-campus and online.


Director of Libraries

Department Points of Contact

Head of Department, FNT
Britt-Marie Sohlström

Head of Department, SOK
Madeleine Odén Göransson

Head of Department, UNT
Lena Karlsson (p.t.)

Head of Department, VIF
Torun Sundström

Library Office

This department provides in-house assistance for the University Library. The department handles management and project support as well as quality management, co-ordination and planning.

Head of Department:
Deputy Director of Libraries
Cathrine Berggren