”Simply Lean” Researchers takes home Best Paper Award

Save favourite 5 Sep September 2017

Researchers in the KK Stiftelsen funded project, SIMPLY Lean, were award Best Paper for the paper "Capturing Value-based leadership in Practice: Insights from developing and applying an Al-interview guide" at the international QMOD 2017 conference on quality, management and organisational development for their study of value-based leadership in Swedish Manufacturing.

One additional papers also received nomination for best paper. Five researchers (Bäckström, Hedlund, Ingelsson, Lilja, and Snyder) from the department of Quality Management are examining how  value-based leadership can contribute to sustainable quality development in Swedish Businesses. Motivated by the earlier research findings that show a high percent of quality initiatives fail due to leadership, this group of researchers set out to understand what lies beneath the surface of leadership to better understand how to help businesses achieve a sustainable quality practice. Using a comprehensive mixed methods approach they found the importance of anchoring leadership and decision making in company values and organisational culture.

To learn more about their work contact and other publications from this project, contact Professor Kristen Snyder at kristen.snyder@miun.se

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