The university of the future

Want to look into the future? We speculate about the future at Mid Sweden University. How do you develop a modern university? How to stick to the strengths of the future? And will education and research become increasingly important in the future?

On this page you will find news and information from Mid Sweden University, collected under the tag THE UNIVERSITY OF THE FUTURE. This page is created based on the tag you clicked to get here.

There are 11 English pages and 11 Swedish pages that are tagged with THE UNIVERSITY OF THE FUTURE. The content may vary depending on language.

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To Choose One’s Own Path

Mid Sweden University has evolved well during its years a full university. That is the opinion of Pia Sandvik, who was the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the university between 2002 and 2005, and who later...

Strengths for the Future

Aside from being the President of the Swedish Sports Confederation, Karin Mattsson Weijber has also been a member of the Mid Sweden University Board since 2007. This means that she has been on the...

To develop the modern university

Anders Söderholm has been the Vice-Chancellor of Mid Sweden University since 2008 – that is seven out of the first ten years. Here, he talks about his view on the future development of the universi...

10 years in seven minutes | 2015 |

The film summarizes a part of all that has happened during our ten years as a university. It begins with a message from biathlete and honorary doctor Magdalena Forsberg, who sends us a greeting fro...