A Record Number of Journeyman Certificates at the Wood Academy | 2014 |

In May of 2014, a hard-to-beat record was set at the Furniture Making and Building Crafts Programme at the Wood Academy in Kramfors.


No fewer than eleven students – seven upholsterers, three smiths and one cabinetmaker – passed their examinations to become journeymen.

– That a record number of Journeyman Certificates were awarded to students at the Furniture Making and Building Crafts programme is proof of the programme’s high standards. It made both the staff and the students incredibly happy and proud, says Göran Mellander, Business Developer at the Department of Adult Education, Integration and the Labour Market in the municipality of Kramfors.

Mid Sweden University’s Furniture Making and Building Crafts Programme is considered to be one of the best craft programmes in Sweden. Here, unique professional skills are developed with the craftsmanship at the heart and the cultural heritage as a source of inspiration and knowledge.

The Journeyman Certificate is proof that the craftsman fulfils the industry’s requirements of professional skills. The certificate also serves as an international identification of competence and it gives the holder a bigger chance of working their craft, both in Sweden and abroad.