Activities to attract more international students | 2009 |

In 2009, Mid Sweden University put extra focus on increasing the number of international students. It was a joint drive by both our faculties and the outcome was perhaps not as expected. But it was just as good!


In order to attract international programme students, a wider range of courses and programmes in English was required. Therefore, there was a considerable increase in the number of such courses and programmes for the autumn term in 2009.

With the range widened, it was time for marketing. A campaign web was developed, as well as leaflets, postcards and tapestries. In addition, both teachers and students participated in several European exhibitions.

What was the result? There was no great increase in the number of international programme students. However, thanks to a wider range of courses in English, it became possible for more exchange students to come here. It also strengthened the bonds between the teachers in different programmes, since this was the first time that they had worked together to achieve a common goal.