Activities to Recruit More Students Yield Results | 2009 |

A new Vice-Chancellor with clear priorities and a number of attractive programmes meant that Mid Sweden University got a higher share of applicants than any other university for the autumn of 2009.


In 2008 and 2009, Mid Sweden University offered some new and attractive programmes, such as the Psychology Programme, the Criminology Programme and the Risk and Crisis Management Programme. In addition, Vice-Chancellor Anders Söderholm decided to make student recruitment a priority when he took up his duties in 2008. Several new projects focusing on recruitment were begun and the University Board granted extra resources. It did not take long before they yielded results and for the autumn of 2009, the share of applicants to Mid Sweden University increased to be well above the national average.

– I worked as Head of the Division of Communications when Anders took up his duties as Vice-Chancellor and I clearly remember our first meeting. When I described my job to him, he said, “You will put all your time and all your resources into student recruitment.” I had never before had such a clear mission, says Kristina Albertsson, Head of Department at Mid Sweden University.