Application for Full University Status | 1998 |

From the moment it was founded, it was the ambition of Mid Sweden University to achieve full university status. In 1997, the first application was submitted to the government with the request to assess the conditions for becoming a full university by the turn of the century.


Some months later, the three former university branches, Karlstad, Växjö and Örebro, together also submitted an application for full university status. By order of the government, the Swedish National Agency of Higher Education appointed a panel of assessors who appraised the standards of the four university colleges.

This was a miscalculation for Mid Sweden University, since the appraisal focused on the situation at the turn of the year 1997/1998 and not the conditions in the year 2000, as had been intended. The result was that the panel concluded that Mid Sweden University was not yet ready to be awarded full university status.