Benny Wins the Bronze Medal at the Researchers’ Grand Prix | 2014 |

How many people can, in just four minutes, describe their research in a way that is both entertaining and easy to understand – standing on the stage of a rock club? Well, there is at least one person: Benny Thörnberg. He won a bronze medal at the 2014 Researchers’ Grand Prix.


Researchers’ Grand Prix is a Swedish competition where researchers from all over the country compete in presenting their research in an entertaining and informative manner in just four minutes. After a number of regional heats, the final was held at the rock club Debaser Medis in Stockholm.

Benny Thörnberg, who is a researcher in the field of electronics at Mid Sweden University, competed with a presentation about his research on “electronic eyes” that can warn about ice formation on roads. The jury and the audience were well entertained and the bronze medal was his!

– I think that they were surprised by how much dramaturgy I used in my presentation. I began with a shock opening where I described a pile-up on a bridge, with a number of fatalities. It is a topical issue that is easy for everyone to take in and understand, and it made my abstract research topic comprehensible, Benny recounts.