Bodil Malmsten and Bengt Saltin are awarded honorary doctoral degrees | 2006 |

On 22 September 2006, Mid Sweden University arranged its first Annual Celebration. Twelve new professors and five new doctors were celebrated with great splendour. Bengt Saltin and Bodil Malmsten were also awarded honorary doctoral degrees.

Bodil Malmsten received her doctor’s hat for having “in her writing, with acuity, humour and linguistic ingenuity, depicted relationships and living conditions in the inland and mountain areas of Norrland”. However, Bodil gave back the hat in 2013, when Mid Sweden University decided to move the education in Härnösand to Sundsvall.

Bengt Saltin was appointed “for his exceptional research achievement in the field of physiology and for generously having shared his experiences, and with great commitment having participated in the work to build an athletic profile at Mid Sweden University”. Unfortunately, Bengt passed away in 2014.