Chinese student falls in love with “semlor” | 2009 |

Chinese student falls in love with “semlor” | 2009 |

The teachers at NMT had been busy all day, baking 200 buns, whipping cream and mashing almond paste. They were going to offer their students “semlor” or Lenten buns, buns filled with whipped cream and almond paste. But never could they have anticipated how popular the buns would be…


– We put everything in different bowls and then showed the students how to make their own Lenten buns. The idea was that everyone would have one each, recounts Cathrine Gladh, International Coordinator at NMT.

The students tried the buns and most of them liked how they tasted. Some more than others.

– I especially remember a female student from China, who came walking down the corridor. I asked her if she liked the Lenten buns. She patted her stomach and said, “yeees, I’ve had at least five!”, Cathrine tells us with a smile.

Mid Sweden University still serves Lenten buns every year and they are very popular among the international students. Many of them ask for the recipe in order to make them at home.