Connected research center is founded | 2005 |

How can the Earth's resources be saved by connecting more things to the Internet? It examines Professor Mattias O'Nils and his colleagues at the research center STC.


- Our research is about connecting the physical world with the virtual. We check, among other things, how things can feel their context and convey information about it, says Mattias.

STC, Sensible Things that Communicate, was founded in 2005. Here, sensor-based systems and services in electronics and computer technology are developed, focusing on industrial IT and digital services. It is about technology that makes it possible to streamline the work within the industry - and at the same time consume less raw materials and resources.

On April 1 this year, a new exciting project will begin at STC. Then you will look at how wireless control and measurement can make it possible to organize the industry in a whole new and much better way.

"There is a global change in the manufacturing industry and our research is, to a great extent, part of it," says Mattias.
The research environment at STC is at the forefront, with a number of well-equipped labs for optics, X-rays and 3D, as well as a high-quality clean room. They collaborate with the research center FSCN and are part of the Mid Sweden University's KK environment.