Cutting the Grass by Means of Horses | 2012 |

Suddenly, there is a snorting and the sound of hoofs echoing between the walls of the houses. It is the North Swedish Horses Hägg and Ejmer, pulling the groom Anders Finnstedt. They have come to cut the grass.

Since the summer of 2012, the grass on Campus Östersund is cut by horse. It is an exotic, environmentally friendly and popular feature in the students’ and teachers’ everyday lives.

– I think everyone appreciates when something different happens. Cutting the grass by horse is an attraction that spreads joy. When a noisy lawnmower appears, people leave, but when we arrive, people stay to talk and ask questions, Anders says.

Someone who has paid Anders and his horses a special visit is King Carl Gustaf. The first thing he saw during his visit to Mid Sweden University in 2013 was the beautiful horse cutting the grass. He immediately went to talk to Anders – who in turn made the horse bow to the King!

– I think it messed up the schedule by 10 minutes, so the professors got a little less time with the King, says Thomas Fuchs, manager at A4 Campus, with a laugh.